Maintenance & Service

Maintenance & Service

A team of skilled and experienced technicians are able to carry out routine servicing or repair work both in our own workshop facilities or at customers work sites. Fully equipped mobile service verhicles are available to attend urgent field service calls whenever and wherever they may be required.

Our service engineers attend regular technical training programmers with our suppliers and have access to the lates computized diagnostic equipment available. With over three decades of experience in heavy equipment, we have the facilities and teams of highly skilled technicians to provide professional maintenance and repair services for heavy equipment.

- Delivery Service (New Engine Inspection NEI, Briefing on Warranty, Short Training on Unit Familiarization, Operation & Maintenance, Basic Troubleshooting
- Engine Rebuild Facilities
- Shop & Field Mechanic
- Service Package
- Cusomer Training
- Regular Meeting
- Literature
- 24 Hours Emergency Call

Service Package Program

  • Maintenance Contract
    Maintenance Contract Maintenance contract consists of regular visit for the inspection and maintainance of unit. Mechanics contract allows customers to plan the maintenance schedule and cost.
  • Inspection Program
    To carry out the inspection on customers'machines. The result of these inspections are analyzed and a written report submitted. These reports can be used to provide the parts recommendation and maintenance/repairs to do.
  • Service Mechanic Contract
    Offer to station dedicated mechanics on site to do routine maintenance, repair and trouble shooting. Customers is to pay montly mechanics fee charges.